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Frequently Asked Questions

Are morello cherries sour cherries?

Morello Cherries. Morello cherries are often spoken of as though they are a single cherry variety, but morello is actually one of two sub-groups of sour cherries. The morello group has fruit that is so dark-skinned it is almost a mahogany red, with dark red flesh and dark juice inside.

What is the best quality maraschino cherry?

Luxardo The Original Maraschino Cherries An industry favorite, Maraschino cherries from Italy’s 1821, family-owned Luxardo label have an excellent texture and a satisfying “pop,” like a fresh grape. The lush fruit inside has rich, elegant flavor and measured sweetness.

What are the best premium cocktail cherries to buy?

Made with hand-harvested Oblacinska Morello fruit, Griottines have a rich, dark flavor, more akin to cherry liqueur than fresh fruit, and a candied texture. We recommend these as drinking cherries, better for a cocktail garnish than a snack. Price: $20.95 for 11 ounces. 2. Traverse City Whiskey Co. Premium Cocktail Cherries

How much do Amarena cherries cost?

Still, Amarena cherries have a richer flavor than most fire-engine-red, mass-produced jarred fruit, and we found they retain their shape and texture even within our booziest creations. Price: $13.57 for 16 ounces. 4. Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

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