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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Oakland a's change their logo from an elephant?

In any case, when the Kansas City Athletics became the Oakland Athletics, the elephant logo was at last switched out for a green “A” over a white baseball with gold stitching. Said logo saw a revision in 1971, but by 1983, it had been simplified to a gold “A” within a white circle with a green border.

What is the history of the Oakland Athletics'official logo?

When the Athletics appeared in the 1931 World Series, the cover of the official program depicted a confident elephant, a saddle on its back with the familiar Old English "A." This illustration became the basis of what would eventually become the team's official logo. In the late '30s a baseball was added to the elephant's trunk.

Why do the Oakland Athletics have an elephant on the field?

Hardly a symbol of athleticism, the Athletics' elephant has a unique story attached to it, one that dates back to July 10, 1902. Athletics owner and manager Connie Mack explained it all in his 1950 autobiography, " My 66 Years in the Big Leagues :"

What is the Oakland a's elephant mascot?

Since 1988, the Athletics' 21st season in Oakland, an illustration of an elephant has adorned the left sleeve of the A's home and road uniforms. Beginning in the mid 1980s, the on-field costumed incarnation of the A's elephant mascot went by the name Harry Elephante. In 1997, he took his current form, Stomper.

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