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Frequently Asked Questions

Do nymphs have any special powers?

Powers: Nymphs, being supernatural creatures, possess a wide range of supernatural powers. Nymphs have control over the elements in which they reside and can also inflict curses, harm, injury, and death to mortals who invoke their anger.

Do nymphs reproduce on their own?

Nymphs of the Tree interact quite well with all humanoid races, as this is key to their survival. Although Nymphs of the Tree live very long lives, they have no way to reproduce on their own, since they are all female.

What are nymphs weaknesses?

Weaknesses Edit. Like other Nymphs, they normally appear as fast-moving balls of light, and are invulnerable in this form. They only materialize to attack or summon creatures, and this is the only time they are vulnerable. It is recommended to use this instance to attack with a bow (a single charged bow shot is usually enough to defeat one),...

Who were the nymphs that cared for Dionysus?

The Hyades are also thought to have been the tutors of Dionysus, in some tellings of the latter's infancy, and as such are equated with the Nysiads , the nymphs who are also believed to have cared for Dionysus, as well as with other reputed nurses of the god - the Lamides, the Dodonides and the nymphs of Naxos .

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