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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nycaps ESS and ESS?

NYCAPS ESS: ESS stands for Employee Self Service. This self-service program is a vastly used technology for human resource, and it also enables the employees in performing different types of job- related works. This work includes updating their personal information, accessing the benefits of the company, and applying for reimbursement.

How does nycaps employee self-service work?

At the time of the annual transfer period, the employees can select their health benefits. This NYCAPs employee self-service basically acts as the tool which is commonly used by the employees. The employee uses this system for 365 days for different interests. For example, they can use it when a life event happens like the birth of a child.

How do I sign up for nycaps' transit benefit program?

To sign up, use one of the links below or see your agency’s Transit Benefit Coordinator. Use NYCAPS Employee Self Service (ESS). Get the Enrollment form for DOE employees to sign up, or enroll through the DoE payroll portal. Visit CUNY's Transit Benefit page.

What is the error code for nycaps jobs Imperva alert?

NYCAPS Jobs IMPERVA ALERT Please contact your Helpdesk and provide the information below: Error ID#: 6931334680691621272Host: Back to NYCAPS

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