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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NYC Adm. Code?

New York City; The New York City Administrative Code § 8-107 Unlawful discriminatory practices.

What is NY DTF?

New York State Department of Tax & Finance (NY DTF) is the tax agency that manages and collects tax revenues to support New York State services and programs. To set up your state tax, here's how: Add your New York employee's information. Set up New York State Tax Information. Go to Gear icon. Select Payroll Settings.

What is the New York Department of Labor?

New York State Department of Labor. The New York State Department of Labor ( DOL or NYSDOL) is the department of the New York state government that enforces labor law and administers unemployment benefits. The mission of the New York State Department of Labor is to protect workers, assist the unemployed and connect job seekers to jobs,...

Where do I pay a parking ticket?

You can pay your parking ticket by drop box, located in the front lobby of the police department. The tickets are not actually paid at the police station or city hall, but are mailed off to a processing center once a week.

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