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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Dob now and bis?

While DOB NOW is being developed, only filings made in DOB NOW will be available on the DOB NOW Public Portal while all other filings, such as those made in person or through eFiling will be available in BIS. You can view all filings related to an address on the City’s Open Data Portal. Subscribe to Buildings News for the latest DOB NOW Updates.

What is the Building Information System (BIS)?

The Building Information System (BIS) mainframe allows for submission of job filing directly to a DOB borough office. Previously BIS for job filings were made in-person at a DOB borough office. BIS job filings are now processed and submitted in eFiling except:

How do I submit a job filing to the DOB?

Through the Building Information System (BIS) mainframe, customers submit a job filing directly to a DOB borough office.

What is the DOB now public portal?

The DOB NOW Public Portal is your way to view all of the transactions filed in DOB NOW. The Public Portal will fully replace BIS once all filings and requests are deployed in DOB NOW.

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