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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the number 0 the smallest number?

Natural numbers are most often taken to be the positive integers but in some cases are used as the non-negative integers. In the former case, the smallest natural number is 1. In the latter case, the smallest natural number is indeed 0. Originally Answered: Is zero the smallest natural number?

Is the number 0 a natural number?

‘No,’ 0 is not a Natural number. Natural numbers, as we know, are positive integers that span from 1 to infinity. However, once we combine 0 with a positive integer like 10, 20, or the other number, we get a number. In reality, 0 may be a full number with no meaning.

Which number is the least prime number?

Least prime number. Concept Used : The prime number are numbers that have only 2 factors :1 and themselves. Calculation: 1 has only 1 factor. 2 is the least prime number it has 1 and 2 as factors ∴ 2 is the least prime number

Is the number 1 an odd number?

Yes, the number 1 is an odd number. An odd number is not divisible by 2 and still be a integer. If you take 1 and divide it by 2 you get 1/2 or 0.5 which would make it odd. An example of an even number to prove this would be something like 2 or 4, dividing either by 2 still comes to be a whole number. Why is 1 considered as odd number?

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