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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cancer did Vicente Fernandez have?

In 2012, doctors found a cancerous lump on the liver Vicente Fernandez. ““They wanted to put another bastard’s liver on me and I told them ‘I’m not going to sleep with my wife with another man’s liver,’ and I don’t know if he was homosexual or a drug addict,” said the Jalisco-born singer.

Is there Street in Boyle Heights named for Vicente Fernandez?

The post In Light of Chente’s Past Controversies, A Boyle Heights Street Will Most Likely Not Be Named For Vicente Fernandez appeared first on L.A. TACO.

Is it appropriate to rename a street after Vicente Fernandez?

In lieu of these concerns, the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council does not feel it is appropriate to rename a street within the community after Vicente Fernandez, nor any other civic memorialization.

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