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Which is the most widely distributed newspaper in Colombia?

WAM delegation also visited the headquarters of "El Tempo" newspaper, which is the most widely distributed publication in Colombia, where the parties tackled ways to activate the MoU that was signed last year with the newspaper.

Which is the largest weekly magazine in Colombia?

The WAM delegation visited the headquarters of the Colombian magazine "Semana", one of the largest magazines in Colombia, to review ways to further enhance joint cooperation, and the best means to publish topics of interest to its audience in Colombia, noting that the weekly dedicated a full edition in 2021 about the UAE.

Is there an oil and gas industry in Colombia?

Investment in Colombia's oil and gas industry is forecast to soar in 2022, boosted by exploration investments, a private producers' association said on Wednesday, though output is expected to lag pre-pandemic levels for another year.

Which is the leading TV network in Colombia?

The delegation then visited the headquarters of the Caracol Television Network, one of the leading TV networks in Colombia since 1998. During the visit, opportunities to enhance media cooperation and news exchange between the two sides were reviewed.

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