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Frequently Asked Questions

What major events are happening right now?

Things that are definitely happening right now: The Great Falling Away; the apostacy of the church and abundance of false teachers - 2 Thess, 2 Peter, 2 Tim, Heb 10 The Great Lie of Satan; the rise of the false religion of Islam and its exactly opposite mirror of Biblical Prophecy - Revelation 6, Daniel 2, 7-12, Revelation 13 and 17

What is the breaking news in America?

"Breaking news is a special report or news bulletin that is a current event that the broadcasters feel warrant the interruption of scheduled programming and/or current news in order to report its details."

How do I Turn on breaking news alerts?

Tap the Menu button and scroll down to “Settings”. In the “Breaking News Alerts” item, toggle the switch to the On position.

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