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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the noteslate work?

The NoteSlate is an e-ink tablet that records hand-drawn input from an included stylus. Users can take notes, diagram objects, draw ideas and make lists, all of which are stored in an internal storage card.

What is noteslate esketcher?

The NoteSlate eSketcher takes a bold direction in the world of gadgetry– simplicity. Life used to be so simple– just a pencil and paper combined as the perfect sidearm of the student, the artist and the list maker. Today we’ve got our laptops, our iPads, our Kindles and our mobile phones cluttering up our desks.

What is the Moleskine noteslate?

The NoteSlate is a tablet with 13-inch E-Ink imitating paper. You can take notes with pen and store them digitally - so simple yet so genius. You will never buy a new Moleskine notebook.The NoteSlate identifies drawings on the screen and shows variations between the colors red, blue and green.

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