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Frequently Asked Questions

What can noteable do for You?

Noteable is optimized for agencies with multiple counselors that provide in home services. Easily tailor note and report templates by program and track activity by client, clinician, program and location.

What is the difference between noticeable and notable?

1. 'noticeable'. Something that is noticeable is large enough or clear enough to be noticed. There has also been a noticeable increase in the number of people seeking counselling and psychotherapy. I experienced no noticeable ill effects. 2. 'notable'. Something that is notable is important or remarkable. Notable is a fairly formal word.

What makes notenoteable different?

Noteable provides a modern UI with native SQL support to empower non-traditional users to work with data in new ways. Embedded best practices for collaboration, including commenting, version control, auto save, and intuitive organizational structure, encourages more exploration and simplifies communication.

Why noteable ABA?

A truly all-in-one solution. Noteable is an EHR, billing platform, telehealth solution, ABA data collection and analysis suite, and practice management system, in one. Beautiful, intuitive, and responsive user experiences brought to you by a team who value simplicity above all else. Ready to grow with you as you add programs and locations.

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