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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest NFL playoff score?

The highest score in a playoff game occurred in the 2009-10 NFL playoffs, a 96-point game in which the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers 51-45 in overtime.

What is the highest scoring NFL football game?

The highest score in a National Football League (NFL) game occurred on November 27, 1966, when the Washington Redskins and New York Giants combined for 113 points in a 72–41 victory for the Redskins.

What was the NFL score Last Night?

Final NFL Score Last Night: Cleveland Browns 7, Pittsburgh Steelers 38 The Pittsburgh Steelers defense came to play and that was reflected in the score last night. They dominated the Cleveland Browns all day. They had four sacks and two interceptions, one of which was a pick-6.

What is the average score of a NFL game?

On average, there are 48.4 points scored in a game, another record. Teams that score the most are also Super Bowl contenders. Who has most touchdowns in NFL history? Jerry Rice NFL History – Touchdown Leaders Has any NFL team scored over 100 points?

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