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Which is the most consistent team in the NFL?

The NFL playoffs are wide open this year, as there isn't a truly dominant team league-wide. The Packers have been the most consistent, but they haven't made a Super Bowl since 2011. Until they get over the hump, it's too early to crown them the team to beat, especially with Brady's Bucs and a few other rock-solid teams lurking.

Which is NFL team had the lowest win probability?

The 49ers had the lowest minimum win probability of any team to eventually win a game in the NGS era, including the famous Miami Miracle and Super Bowl LI. #SFvsLAR | #FTTB

Which is the most common Super Bowl matchup?

A 49ers-Bengals Super Bowl would also tie it with Steelers-Cowboys for the most common Super Bowl matchup in NFL history, an interesting stat that would no doubt get dissected until the cows come home.

Who are the best quarterbacks in the NFL?

1. Joe Burrow, championship QB. Burrow is wise beyond his 25 years, which is already mature for a QB who was drafted No. 1 overall in 2020. He has established himself as an elite young passer after only 28 career starts, including playoffs.

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