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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Nexus Mods cost money?

They don't cost money, but mod makers can choose so. I do agree that this is a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stupid idea.

Why does Nexus Mods use advertising?

Why does Nexus Mods use Advertising? To understand why Nexus Mods needs advertising revenue we first need to explain where we are in the grand scheme of things, what we are, and how that affects things. Nexus Mods is an extremely large and popular resource on the internet.

Is "Nexus Mods" legit?

Nexus Mods is probably the biggest site out there for game mods, so it's definitely legit in that regard. Is Nexus Mods Safe 2020? Nexus is completely safe. I recommend a 'sprint mod' so you can move faster when in the middle of nowhere. They show you the top mods every month since the game launched. They provide a quick snapshot of every mod you should at least consider getting. Can you get banned for Spacewar? According to Steam's ToS, you can get your account suspended.

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