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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the candidates in Gavin Newsom recall 2021?

Gavin Newsom recall, 2021: Candidate polls Poll Date Cox Elder Faulconer Jenner Kiley Paffrath Other Undecided Margin of error Sample size

Is Newsom’s recall election a go?

↑San Francisco Chronicle, "It's official: Newsom recall election is a go," June 23, 2021 ↑Politico, "SEIU comes through for NEWSOM — HARRIS to address UN — new CALEG COVID rules — HOFFMAN adviser abandons VOTING push," June 23, 2021

How many candidates ran in the 2003 Newsom recall?

[2] In the 2003 recall of Davis, 135 candidates ran and the winner received 48.58 percent of the vote. A sample ballot for the Newsom recall is embedded below. Can I vote for a replacement candidate if I vote not to recall Newsom?

Is Pelosi backing Newsom in California recall election?

↑The Hill, "Harris, Pelosi backing Newsom amid recall effort," May 2, 2021 ↑ 55.055.1ABC 7, "California recall election: Newsom continues 'Vote No' campaign with weekend tour across SoCal," September 6, 2021

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