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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newsom’s reaction to the recall?

Newsom has always been first and foremost about Gavin Newsom. His policies are and always have been contrived to promote his career. And his reaction to this recall is no different. Newsom’s arrogance, and that of his close advisors, allowed him to act this spring as if the recall was nothing but a nuisance and that he would survive easily.

Why are Republicans trying to recall Governor Newsom?

Republican activists started gathering signatures earlier this year to attempt to recall Governor Newsom, pretty much just because he’s a Democrat, and Republicans have decided that Democratic electoral victories aren’t legitimate.

How many signatures do you need to recall Newsom?

The move was launched June 10, and supporters of the recall have until Nov. 17 to collect the 1,495,709 signatures needed to require a recall election. Two previous recall petitions against Newsom have already failed.

How can we keep Newsom as governor?

The safest option, the surest to succeed, is to be a unified bloc against the recall, and turn out to vote to keep Gov. Newsom. We suspect some of this comes from people feeling like their own single no vote isn’t enough.

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