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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsom’s recall election a go?

↑San Francisco Chronicle, "It's official: Newsom recall election is a go," June 23, 2021 ↑Politico, "SEIU comes through for NEWSOM — HARRIS to address UN — new CALEG COVID rules — HOFFMAN adviser abandons VOTING push," June 23, 2021

Who are the candidates in Gavin Newsom recall 2021?

Gavin Newsom recall, 2021: Candidate polls Poll Date Cox Elder Faulconer Jenner Kiley Paffrath Other Undecided Margin of error Sample size

How many candidates ran in the 2003 Newsom recall?

[2] In the 2003 recall of Davis, 135 candidates ran and the winner received 48.58 percent of the vote. A sample ballot for the Newsom recall is embedded below. Can I vote for a replacement candidate if I vote not to recall Newsom?

Who are the remaining candidates in the California recall election?

The remaining contenders, most notably former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, are still sizing up their financial prospects. Businessman John Cox, who lost overwhelmingly to Newsom in the 2018 general election and placed fifth among recall candidates, said he was examining whether there is “a support base there and there’s an avenue to success.”

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