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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of the Newsmax network?

Chris Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, said in a statement, “James Rosen is not only a reporter’s reporter, but also a great thinker and author who can share complex issues on a TV screen and explain them in clear and understandable ways.”

Who is the new White House correspondent for Newsmax?

Newsmax made it official on Tuesday, announcing the hiring of former Fox News reporter James Rosen as the pro-Trump network's new chief White House correspondent, replacing Emerald Robinson, the reporter who pushed a bonkers conspiracy theory that the COVID-19 vaccine contains a satanic marker.

Who was the Fox News reporter that left Newsmax?

Robinson's departure from Newsmax comes as the network confirmed it hired former Fox News and Sinclair Broadcasting reporter James Rosen as its new White House Corespondent.

Is the Newsmax anchor Emerald still on the air?

"Emerald is still with Newsmax, however her contract ends in January and we will not be renewing it," the outlet said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday. "We appreciate the work she has done on-air for the network."

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