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Frequently Asked Questions

What's going on with the JEA case?

JEA CEO Jay Stowe told The Morning Show on Wednesday that all reported outages will be addressed, but there’s an order to how JEA restores services, so customers might ne... JEA is being sued by five Black employees who are alleging employment discrimination.

Who is the CEO of JEA?

JEA fires 9 former executives. But they will still get paid for 20 weeks JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In his first major move since taking charge of JEA, interim Chief Executive Officer Paul McElroy placed the majority of the utility’s leadership team on paid administrative leave last month.

What happened to JEA’s ITN?

The investigations stem from the ITN, or Invitation to Negotiate, a plan to court potential suitors interested in buying or running all or part of the city-owned utility. JEA’s Board of Directors canceled those plans last year in response to public backlash and fired then-CEO Aaron Zahn, who is now being sued by the city of Jacksonville.

How much will it cost JeA to fix Jacksonville's Water Crisis?

As the population in Jacksonville continues to grow, it’s going to cost JEA more than $1 billion to make sure that water gets to all homes in the area. Jay Stowe officially began the job Monday as managing director and CEO of JEA.

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