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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to News 12 Long Island?

4 Longtime News 12 LI Reporters Leave Amid Staffing Shifts Briana Bonfiglio8 hrs ago Old Florida Keys bridge reopens to pedestrians, bicyclists Top politician cleared of code of conduct breach This week four News 12 Long Island anchors and reporters have announced their employment with the Altice-owned news station is ending.

How do I Contact News 12 Long Island?

24/7 Hyper-local breaking news, weather, traffic and more. Get updates on our app or go to For news tips, call (516) 393-1200. #longisland

What happened to News 12 news reporters?

Many fans and friends in the business responded to the veteran news reporters’ announcements with shock. All four noted in their goodbye posts that they are unsure what’s next for them. An apparent shakeup in staffing at News 12 resulted in the elimination of their positions, and Altice released the following statement.

Where can I get local news in New York?

Get local news, weather, traffic, and much more from News 12, the news network dedicated to covering Long Island, The Bronx, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, and Hudson Valley. Loading…

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