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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Press Club of Long Island's position on News 12?

The Press Club of Long Island, the local chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists, issued a statement saying it opposes any planned newsroom staffing cuts at News 12 networks. "The Press Club believes firmly that News 12's staffing levels must be maintained, the statement read.

What is going on with News 12?

At the heart of the issue is the alleged violation of a merger agreement that ensued after Altice, a Netherlands based company, acquired News 12 in 2016 as part of the sale of Cablevision.

What happened to Danielle Campbell from News 12?

Danielle Campbell, another veteran anchor and reporter for News 12, has reportedly joined a suit against Altice over employee layoffs. LONG ISLAND, NY — Another award-winning veteran anchor and reporter, Danielle Campbell, has reportedly joined a lawsuit regarding staffing cuts at News 12.

Will News 12 staff levels be maintained at Altice Media Group?

However, the Dolan family, which owned the company before the sale, has since maintained that Altice did not adhere to a condition of terms outlined, which stated that News 12 staffing levels be maintained.

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