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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the News12 app on Roku?

It just disappeared and Optimum Support says there is no issue with the NEWS12 app and it is an issue with Roku 04-18-2021 06:35 PM Where on their Website does it indicate they currently have a Roku app?

What is News 12 news app?

News 12 is dedicated to local news in the New York tri-state area. This app is free for Optimum customers & subscribers that receive News 12 on Comcast/Xfinity, Charter/Spectrum and Service Electric. With the app you will receive streaming of News 12 channels, local news, weather, traffic and more.

Is there a News 12 New Jersey app on Tubi?

04-21-2021 04:21 AM ok, it seems there is News 12 New York app on tubi and some other channels, BUT missing the New 12 New Jersey 04-21-2021 04:27 AM Not sure that's correct. The app is capable of playing all news 12 coverage areas you simply select the desired area.

Why can't I Find my Roku app on the Channel Store?

If it is a non-certified channel/app, you won't be able to get support from Roku, as that would mean they didn't go through the Roku certification process. They certainly could have later certified the app, and it would have appeared in the Channel Store, but I'm not seeing anything.

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