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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Massapequa schools require students to wear masks?

“While it is certain this decision will face legal challenges, until otherwise litigated, mask wearing will be optional for students and staff in the Massapequa Schools beginning Tuesday,” the district said on its website.

Is wearing a mask against the Constitution?

The decision on Tuesday came one day after a ruling by Justice Thomas Rademaker, of State Supreme Court in Nassau County, who had said the rule requiring masks violated the State Constitution.

Will masking on public transit Impact NYC subways and buses?

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, for its part, sought to reassure riders that the ruling had no effect on the city’s subways and buses, or its regional commuter trains, noting that federal regulations required masks on public transit.

What does Kathy Hochul think of the Court’s stay on masking regulations?

Ms. Hochul, a Democrat, applauded the appeals court on Tuesday “for siding with common sense and granting an interim stay to keep the state’s important masking regulations in place.”

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