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Frequently Asked Questions

Is long Island's runaway bull still on the Lam?

Long Island’s runaway bull is still on the lam. The 1,500-pound beast, nicknamed “Barney,” was first spotted in Mastic on Tuesday , and has since been seen as far off as Stony Brook — but ...

What happened to Barney the bull from Suffolk County?

The SPCA tells News 12 that the missing bull, who many called Barney, was captured in Suffolk County recently. Barney was taken to Skylands Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey. The 1,500-pound animal escaped from a Moriches slaughterhouse in July. Barney made national headlines after being caught on a doorbell camera running through a neighborhood.

Did a bull escape Long Island with a seductive cow?

Authorities have been on the lookout for a runaway bull that escaped in Long Island, as authorities tried to entice the bull with a seductive cow named “Norma Jean”.

Where was the bull that escaped the Moriches slaughterhouse?

The animal, who was headed for a slaughterhouse, escaped a farm in Moriches on Tuesday. There have been several possible sightings of the bull from neighborhoods in the county, including as far away as Stony Brook.

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