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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the news anchors that have left News 12?

Big shakeup at News 12 lands four anchors and reporters out of a job! Among the latest cuts are veteran anchor Jackie Lukas, sports anchor Jamie Stuart, and reporters Christine Insinga, and Shari Einhorn, who took to social media to announce their departures from News 12 due to Altice's reorganization of it's newsroom. (Daily Voice)

Who are the sportscasters that have left Fox News?

Sportscaster Jamie Stuart, reporter Christine Insinga, reporter Shari Einhorn, and reporter/anchor Jackie Lukas each posted on social media announcing their departures from the company and reflected on the long careers spent there – Stuart for 21 years, Insinga and Lukas for about 16, and Einhorn for 28 years.

What did David Einhorn say about Long Islanders?

“I am truly honored to have spent nearly three decades telling stories about Long Islanders, to Long Islanders, for Long Islanders. I’ve laughed with you. I’ve cried with you. I’ve even chased some of you down,” Einhorn wrote in a Facebook post.

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