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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Netflix is a risky stock?

Why Netflix is a Risky Stock One area of risk comes from paying for too much growth. In a 2013 letter to investors, Seth Klarman's wrote about the speculative valuation of Tesla (TSLA) and Netflix (NFLX). And if you haven't looked at NFLX, it's piercing the clouds and at all time highs.

Why is Netflix stock down?

The real reason why Netflix stock is down In a letter to shareholders, Netflix said it lost domestic subscribers due to price increases. Investors worry about incoming competition and loss of popular shows like 'Friends.' By Sofia Jeremias Jul 19, 2019, 9:45am MDT

Is Netflix publicly traded?

Netflix, Inc., is a publicly traded company owned by numerous investment funds, institutions and private investors. At its inception, Netflix was co-owned by founders Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

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