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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Netflix?

The customer support phone number of Netflix Contact is +1 866-579-7172, +1866-716-0414 (Click phone number to call).

How do I install Netflix on my PC?

How can i install netflix on my computer Click the Windows "Start" button. 2 Click "All Programs" and "Windows Media Center.". Press the "Down" arrow to scroll to "TV.". Click the check box next to it. 4 Click "Internet TV" and "Install." Wait for the Internet TV program to install. 5 Scroll through the Internet TV listings.

How does one log in to Netflix?

Log in to Netflix by entering your registered email and password information into the space provided on the Netflix homepage on a computer or the login screen on an app. After you enter the necessary information, accessing your Netflix account should take a few seconds.

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