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Frequently Asked Questions

What is neogov?

NEOGOV is the market and technology leader in human resources software for the public sector. Our HR software automates the entire hiring, onboarding, training, and performance evaluation process. NEOGOV’s applicant tracking system makes recruiting and hiring easy. We know budgets are tight and time is limited.

Why neogov for HR?

Built to serve the people who serve the people. NEOGOV’s HR suite empowers public sector HR to streamline processes in a centralized platform. HYBRID WORKFORCES AND A COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY ARE THE FUTURE OF GOVERNMENT. HR MODERNIZATION IS THE KEY. Cumbersome manual processes are no longer the accepted norm for HR teams in the public sector.

Why choose neogov's insight?

We now can engage in other functions of our position.” “NEOGOV's Insight software enables us to significantly reduce the amount of paper required during our recruitment and hiring process and allows our analysts to concentrate on spending more time managing the hiring process and interacting with our internal and external customers.”

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