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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Uttarakhand TV sting operation case?

In a relief to a Uttarakhand TV journalist, the Supreme Court has stayed the criminal proceedings in three cases lodged against him and others by the state police after the channel headed by him last year conducted a sting operation allegedly exposing corruption at the highest level.

What is the Tehelka sting case?

Sentencing an 80-year-old retired Major General to three years' rigorous imprisonment in a bribery case that stemmed from a 2001 sting operation by Tehelka news portal, a court here observed that corruption in Indian Army shakes the very confidence of the society and the culprit should be appropriately punished.

Why was the IPS officer arrested in Narada sting operation taken to Mukul Roy?

The IPS officer arrested in the Narada sting operation against the leaders of Bengal's ruling Trinamool Congress, was taken to the BJP's Mukul Roy's house to "re-construct the crime", CBI officers said today. He was brought face to face with Mukul Roy and questioned, officers said, adding that the reconstruction was videographed,

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