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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ndndtv anchor name?

NDTV Anchors Name are Aunindyo Chakravarty, Abhigyan Prakash, Abhishek Sharma, Devna Dwivedi, Kamal Khan, Manish Kumar, Naghma Sahar, Nidhi Kulpati, Ravish Kumar and Vishnu Som.

Who are the best male news anchors in India?

Here are the best male news anchors in India. Ravish Kumar is an Indian TV anchor, writer and journalist who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society. He is a senior executive editor at NDTV India, the Hindi news channel of the NDTV news network and hosts a number of programmes.

Who are the NDTV India journalists in India?

Other journalists who are part of the NDTV India team are Manoranjan Bharati, Manish Kumar, Akhilesh Sharma, Nidhi Kulpati, Neeta Sharma, Aditi Rajput – to list a few.

Who is the current head of operations of NDTV India?

Devna Dwivedi – Devna has been with NDTV for the last 17 years and is currently Head of Operations and Programming with NDTV India. Having been part of the channel ever since its inception in 2003, Devna is responsible for day-to-day operations, monitoring and evaluating the quality with focus on overall growth of the channel.

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