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Frequently Asked Questions

What states do not use the NDR?

No, there is not any state that is not part of the National Driver Register (NDR). All states within the United States will check the NDR if you apply for a driver's license there or if you have a license already in that state and are going to renew the license.

What is NDR spam?

NDR spam occurs when a spammer uses your e-mail address to send out massive amounts of spam. In most cases your mail server has not been compromised, the spammer is usuing their own systems. When a message is bounced and triggers and NDR, the message gets sent to the e-mail address used...

How does the National Driver Register (NDR) works?

The National Driver Register is a computer database designed to cross reference driving records in order to identify drivers whose licenses are suspended or revoked. It maintains a problem driver system that allows the State to find negative information about drivers in order to deny issuing or renewing licenses.

What is the National Driver Register (NDR)?

What is the National Driver Register? The National Driver Register (NDR) is a database maintained by the Federal government. The NDR lists drivers from each US state who have a driver license that is suspended or revoked

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