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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ndnqi survey?

NDNQI RN Satisfaction Survey. The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) mission is to aid the registered nurse in patient safety and quality improvement efforts by providing national comparative data to participating hospitals and conducting research on the relationship of nursing care and patient outcomes.

How is ndnqi used?

NDNQI data are used to show the impact nurses have on quality of care. These indicators are nursing sensitive, so they show how nursing care, such as good oral care, or skin care or the interventions that prevent patient falls, are so important to patient outcomes (Trossman, 2006).

What is ndnqi data?

NDNQI data now has the validity and reliability to be used to evaluate nursing care, improve patient outcomes, and identify the linkages between nurse staffing and patient outcomes at the unit level. NDNQI has indeed become the seminal nursing database that is used to influence nursing policy and improve nursing care.

What does ndnqi measure?

NDNQI is the only national, nursing quality measurement program which provides hospitals with unit-level performance comparison reports to state, national, and regional percentile distributions. All indicator data are reported at the nursing unit level.

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