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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods have NDMA in them?

You can also find it in rubber products and tobacco smoke. In food, you’ll mostly get it with fish and cured meat products like sausages and hot dogs. That’s because these contain sodium nitrite, a popular preservative. How Dangerous is NDMA?

What is a carcinogen and what is NDMA?

A carcinogen is a substance or material capable of causing cancer. What is NDMA? NDMA belongs to a class of molecules called nitrosamines. It is an oily, yellow molecule found in low levels in smoked meats and certain vegetables. It is combustible and releases toxic fumes when heated.

How can I avoid NDMA?

If you want to avoid large NDMA amounts, the way to do that is to check for it in the foods that you eat and the beverages that you consume. The best places to find it are in things like cheese, bacon, whiskey, beer, and various cured meats.

How is NDMA formed from dimethylamine?

One possible mechanism for the formation of NDMA involves the generation of a nitrosonium ion from a nitrite ion (top) and then a subsequent reaction with dimethylamine to form NDMA (bottom).

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