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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help with civil court in North Dakota?

Self Help Center staff can provide information about civil legal process in North Dakota state courts to people who represent themselves. Questions about paying your fines or fees and questions about your court records need to be directed to the Clerk of Court for the city or county where your case is filed.

How are the members of the North Dakota Supreme Court selected?

Each justice must be a licensed attorney and a citizen of the United States and North Dakota. One member of the Supreme Court is selected as Chief Justice by the justices of the Supreme Court and the District Court Judges. The Chief Justice's term is for five years or until the justice's elected term on the court expires.

How many email addresses are there in the ND State Government Directory?

There are nearly 15,000 entries in the email directory for state government. Most of ND state government has standardized on the feature-rich functionality of Microsoft Exchange/Outlook to achieve a high-level of integration and interoperability.

How do I get email in North Dakota?

Basic email is available to ND local government as a complimentary extension of the statewide network. See instructions to set up Pioneer Mail in Outlook and instructions to set up iOS (iPhone and iPad). Some agencies are starting to move to Exchange Online as part of the Microsoft Office 365 service offering .

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