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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mass import utility (ndimport)?

The Mass Import Utility (ndImport) automates the process of uploading a large number of documents into NetDocuments. This utility can only be used by a NetDocuments Cabinet Administrator.

What is the mass import tool used for?

Mass Import Utility. When configured, the Mass Import Tool can also automatically profile imported documents, create destination cabinet folders and file documents into those folders, and designate access privileges at the document level. It is typically used for importing large quantities of documents that have different profiles and...

What is the difference between ndsync and ndfolder import?

Folder Import Tool. It is generally used by NetDocuments employees, certified partners, and/or a client's system administrator to convert and import files from a legacy DMS system. ndSync – This is a personal file synchronization service, that offers a two-way sync. But, it can be used to import new documents to a folder or workspace.

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