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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to renew nursing license in ND?

The ND Board of Nursing performs random audits of compliance with this mandatory renewal requirement. Continuing education completed after December 31 in the year of renewal will be assessed a fee of $50 per contact hour earned after that date (ie-$600 for 12 contact hours done after December 31).

How do I renew my physphysician license?

Physician licenses can be renewed using the Online Renewal System. The fee for online renewal is $205.00. Please login below. NOTE: Paper renewals are no longer accepted.

How do I apply for a PT license in North Dakota?

Application for Licensure To apply for licensure in North Dakota, candidates must complete the application online or download and submit a completed application to the ND Board of PT Office at the address above.

Can the board renew or reactivate a license?

For that reason, before the Board may renew or reactivate a license, the licensee must verify to the Board that the required continuing education requirements have been met by certification on the renewal or reactivation form.

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