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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NCQA evaluate measures of equity in public health?

In selecting these measures, NCQA evaluated them on a set of criteria, including the extent of known disparities by race and ethnicity in a particular health issue, areas that have been prioritized in state equity efforts, and whether a measure could be expected to yield small denominators if stratified.

What is Sdoh and why is it important?

SDOH may be positive (promote better health) or negative (undermine health). For example, income is an SDOH. Having a high income supports better health; having a low income can be an obstacle to good health. Every individual has a combination of positive, negative and neutral SDOH that directly affects their health.

Should NCQA add race and ethnicity stratifications to HEDIS measures?

NCQA seeks comments on the proposed addition of race and ethnicity stratifications to select HEDIS measures beginning in measurement year (MY) 2022. NCQA’s goal is to advance health equity by leveraging HEDIS to hold health plans accountable for disparities in care among their patient populations.

How many measures of Health and social factors are on the dashboard?

The Dashboard used the census tract area to display 35 measures of health and social factors in order to inform city health equity initiatives.

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