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Frequently Asked Questions

Was missing Utah student's body found in basement covered in coal?

A Utah college student who vanished last week was found alive and covered in coal in the basement of a 39-year-old suspect's home, according to authorities.

Is Equality Utah going anywhere?

“We made this investment sizable and publicly to send a message that Equality Utah isn’t going anywhere,” Green wrote, adding that he hopes the donation is the first of many.

What kind of news does this morning show cover?

This morning show covers breaking news and offers a variety of feature stories. A public affairs program featuring interviews with journalists and newsmakers. A weekly news magazine that offers in-depth coverage of topics of national interest ranging from faith and family to culture.

Did a man accused of strangling two Utah women get extradited?

A man accused of strangling two Utah women, one of whom who was six months pregnant, exactly two years apart was extradited to the U.S. from Mexico last week, authorities said.

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