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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Navarra?

Navarra. Navarra, conventional Navarre, comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of northern Spain, officially known as the Comunidad Foral de Navarra (“Regional Community of Navarra”). It is roughly coextensive with the Spanish portion of the historical kingdom of Navarra and coextensive with the modern provincia (province) of Navarra.

Why is Navarre called Navarre in Basque?

The official name in Basque is Nafarroa, but the form Nafarroa Garaia "Upper Navarre" is also often seen, to distinguish the province from neighboring Lower Navarre . Before and during the Roman Empire, the Vascones populated the southern slopes of the Pyrenees, including the area which would ultimately become Navarre.

Why was Navarra important in the Middle Ages?

Despite its small size in the later Middle Ages, Navarra played an important part in international politics, partly because it controlled the main pass into Spain in the western Pyrenees and was a buffer state between Gascony, Castile, and Aragon. The chief pilgrim roads from the north to Santiago de Compostela also traversed the kingdom.

Where is Navarre located?

The present-day province makes up the majority of the territory of the medieval Kingdom of Navarre, a long-standing Pyrenean kingdom that occupied lands on both sides of the western Pyrenees, with its northernmost part, Lower Navarre, located in the southwest corner of France.

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