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Frequently Asked Questions

What do National Geographic photographers do?

National Geographic has many photographers with different specialties. There are documentary photographers who, for instance, specialize in deep underwater photography and there are some whose expertise lies in landscape photography. If there is one thing that all these photographers possess, it is persistency.

What does it take to be a National Geographic photographer?

According to National Geographic editors, staff photographers are college educated, though not all of them have degrees in photography. Most National Geographic photographers are journalism, anthropology, sociology, psychology, or fine arts majors, who have minored in photography or have completed several college-level photography courses.

What is National Geographic Photo Editors actually do?

Join us on Tuesday, March 16 for a lunchtime presentation by National Geographic photo editors Maura Friedman and Samantha Clark. Samantha Clark is a photo editor and producer based in Washington, DC. She's currently a photo editor at National Geographic, where she commissions and curates photography for both the magazine and website.

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