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Frequently Asked Questions

What does namesake mean?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. A namesake is a person named after another, or more broadly, a thing (such as a company, place, ship, building, or concept) named after a person. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a namesake is also defined as "a person or thing having the same name as another".

What is the difference between namesake and eponym?

Namesake is a synonym of eponym. As nouns the difference between namesake and eponym is that namesake is one who is named after another or for whom another is named while eponym is the name of a real or fictitious person whose name has, or is thought to have, given rise to the name of a particular item.

What is a namesake example?

In American English, the traditional definition of namesake is one who is named after another. For example, John, Jr. is the namesake of his father, John, Sr. But in 21st-century usage, namesake is often applied to the source of the name, making John, Sr. the namesake of his son, John, Jr.

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