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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cute unique girl names?

20 Truly Unique Baby Girl Names Everyone Will Want To Steal BERYL. Love gem and mineral inspired names but want something less common than Ruby? ... AMOURA. Amoura (ah-MOR-ah) is a uniquely American name, inspired by the French word for love (amour). ... THEODORA. ... NAVY. ... SALEM. ... KAMARI. ... ALORA. ... EVERLEE. ... INDIE. ... PERSEPHONE. ... More items...

What are some good baby names for girls?

Girl Names associated with Good. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Evangeline (#240), Melanie (#82), Ivory (#640), Mira (#546) and Remy (#717), while Boneta (TOP 45%) and Beas (12%) are common surnames. Here is the list of Good names for boys.

What are some Southern girl names?

Clara: Clara, Clara Belle, Clara Marie and Clara Ray are all great names for a southern girl. 20. Constance: When you name your daughter Constance, it indicates that you want her to be a constant, stable girl.

What are some girls' names?

Some girl names with unique spelling include Kamryn, Karlee, Bryleigh and Lauryn. A few other spellings that are also unusual names are Janiyah, Emmalyn and Avah.

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