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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best name for an infant named Alice?

Little Almond – Here is a cheeky name that works best for an infant named Alice. If you have a niece whom you love beyond anything in life. A Game – There is a great name that oozes out positive energy and sporty vibes. If you have an Alice who is always on the top of her game, you know what to call her.

What name starts with Ali-?

Girl Names Starting with Ali-. The most trendy names for newborns in this compilation are Alia (#650), Aliana (#753), Alianna (#998), Alina (#178) and Aliza (#688), while Alim (TOP 33%) and Alig (22%) are common Ali- last names.

Is Alice in Wonderland a good name?

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland popularized the name in modern times. Alice is a classic literary name that's both strong and sweet, which got a big bounce via Tina Fey's choice of the name for her daughter. Alice has experienced a recent surge in popularity along with other girl names starting with A .

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