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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alex the best name ever?

Well, while this is a classic name with a lot of history, not bad, however it is a really popular name, in many countries it is one of the most popular male names, so it is a little bit annoying because many have it, feels too common, just boring. And Alex is no better than this. ― DeeDeeRee 1/14/2021. 7.

Is Alex a really cool name?

The usage of the name Alex in the modern day is a bigger travesty than the holocaust. It's a nice name. I prefer it on a boy, but it's fine on a girl too as long as it's short for Alexandra or something. In my opinion, Alex is a cool name for boys. I don’t know, Alex is a little bit too boyish for a girl?

Is the name Alex a good name?

Its high point in popularity was in the mid-1990s, when it was the 539th most popular name for a girl. The website Meaning of Names, Baby Name Meanings has records going back to 1880, and most of that time the name’s rank was 1,000 or worse. So it’s not a good name for a girl, or more people would use it. Instead, use a longer feminine formal name that can be shortened to the nickname “Alex” if that’s what the girl wants to do.

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