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Frequently Asked Questions

Do any of the individual stars have names?

Many stars have names that we recognize, including Polaris (also known as the north star). Others simply have designations that look like strings of numbers and letters. The brightest stars in the sky have names that date back thousands of years to a time when naked-eye observing was the state of the art in astronomy.

Do all the Stars in the sky have names?

Stars also make for popular sky inspired names. Calista (like Allie McBeal's Calista Flockhart), Orion (URI basketball player Orion Outerbridge), Andromeda, and Maya (Maya Rudolph) are all names that come from constellation patterns formed by stars.

What are the different names of stars?

Stars may have multiple proper names, as many different cultures named them independently. Polaris, for example, has also been known by the names Alruccabah, Angel Stern, Cynosura, the Lodestar, Mismar, Navigatoria, Phoenice, the Pole Star, the Star of Arcady, Tramontana and Yilduz at various times and places by different cultures in human history.

What are the names of the the three stars on the sky?

The three stars you are seeing are part of the constellation Orion, The Hunter and make up his belt. From left to right, as viewed on the sky, the stars are named: Zeta Orionis, Epsilon Orionis, and Delta Orionis.

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