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Frequently Asked Questions

When did n-tv start broadcasting?

On November 30, 1992, N-TV started broadcasting in an old building in Berlin's Taubenstraße. Although today's program is similar in part to the older Eureka TV, N-TV is considered the first German news channel, as in the early days of the station daily news took more time than today and only later the focus was placed more on documentary programs.

What does NTV stand for?

n-tv (pronounced en-tefau; stylised on-air as ntv since 2017) is a 24-hour news channel in Germany owned by RTL Deutschland. It is a sister channel to RTL, VOX and RTL Zwei, among others.

What is the history of the HD network NTV?

NTV began to be broadcast in widescreen in April 2013, hosted its own coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and joined the long list of Russian TV networks broadcasting in HD on 9 February 2015.

What is the history of the NTV logo?

The colorful "NTV" logo as well as the iconic green sphere were designed by Simon Levin, the Russian designer, and became a symbol for the new graphic language of television design in Russia.

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