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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medactionplan pro?

MedActionPlan programs have been proven to improve adherence, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction. MedActionPlan PRO (Positive Results and Outcomes) builds on that legacy and adds powerful new features. Push medication information, instructions, and tasks to MyMedSchedule ® Plus, a next generation mobile app

What is mymymedschedule and medactionplan?

MyMedSchedule and MedActionPlan programs have been used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers across hundreds of healthcare systems to help patients and caregivers follow their med schedules. Automatically receive reminders for all of your pills and supplements.

How does medactionplan work at UHS?

UHS was the first facility in the US to adopt MedActionPlan 15 years ago. MedActionPlan sends the patient’s medication schedule directly to their MyMedSchedule Plus mobile app. The mobile app automatically schedules medication reminders, helping patients like Greg take their medicines on time everyday.

What is the history of medactionplan?

2004: MedActionPlan debuts, offering one of the first web-based software applications designed for providers to improve patient safety and adherence to medication regimens. 2007: MedActionPlan introduces MyMedSchedule ®, one of the first patient portals designed to engage patients to take a proactive role in their health.

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