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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mymycase Indiana search courts?

Mycase Indiana Search Courts allows people to search public records, cases, or court documents in three different categories- By using information related to a case. By using the personal information of the person involved. By using the attorney’s information. When you are searching by case, you are supposed to type in the following information-

How do I sign in to my case in Indiana?

Need more help? Attorneys with an active license may sign into the website for enhanced access to public documents. You will sign into with the same username and password that you use to sign into the Indiana Courts Portal. You may sign in with your attorney number and PIN instead.

Where can I find court cases in Indiana?

The MyCase Indiana website or Odyssey Public Access is a platform that allows people to search for non-confidential cases filed in Indiana Courts. The platform provides its patrons access to official court records, case information, and court information that are filed using the Odyssey case management system.

How to find out about tax cases in Indiana?

View Indiana Tax Court case summaries by date, case name, and case number. Access to basic case information for Circuit and Superior Courts in most Indiana counties, and for some City and Town Courts, is available to the general public. Search options include party name, case ID, and county.

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