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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tik Tok (including Musically)?

What Is Tik Tok (including Tik Tok (including is a short-form video app, available for iOS and Android devices. Videos are fifteen seconds long and replay in a continuous loop.

What is TikTok and is it safe?

TIKTOK is a video-based social media app popular with teenagers - but despite its popularity, some countries are banning it over concerns it might be dangerous for children. TikTok is one of the world's most downloaded phone apps, but many have branded it a "magnet for paedophiles", prompting a new investigation into the software and its users. 2

How to prevent cyberbullying on TikTok?

1 Talk to them about Cyberbullying 2 Set their account to private 3 Make sure they are Share Aware 4 Get familiar with the community guidelines 5 Be aware of explicit songs on the app 6 Turn on Digital Wellbeing settings on TikTok app

Should you delete TikTok from your child's phone?

A viral Facebook warning urged parents to delete a popular video-sharing app from their children's phones. TikTok's settings allow unauthorized users to obtain the personal contact details of other users who have not made their details public.

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